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A Must Read

On another site,  I just read an amazing story entitle, Life’s Hurdles, about a young lady’s life.

This is a true story that I feel every female, young or old should read. The story is sad but also uplifting. It is very personal, but it was written so that others may benefit from what was written.

Please click on the link above or type it in yourself.

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Playing my organ is just one of my hobbies that I enjoy doing. I am not very good at it but it relaxes my mind when I am alone.

The song that I am playing is called , My Tribute and it was written and sang by Andrae Crouch and others throughout the years. Whenever I sit down to play songs, I always play this one because of the words in the song. I feel that I am playing this song to God because I am so thankful for His grace and mercy. Some of the words are,

How can I say thanks for the things you have done for me? Things so undeserved, yet you gave to prove your love for me. The voices of a million Angels could not express my gratitude. All that I am and ever hope to be, I own it all to thee. To God be the glory, To God be the glory. With his blood He has saved me , with His power he has raised me, to God be the glory.

At the end of this song I added Amazing Grace How Sweet the sound, because our GOD is amazing.

Now let hear what some of your hobbies are.

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Some of us come up with many excuses why we can’t make it to church at lease once a week, but look at the picture with this post. These people were hungry enough to receive the Word of God that they came to church on their bikes how hungry are you?

A life lesson from my Pastor David Garcia from Grace World Out Reach Church this morning, We too should be sold out to God and in church regularly.

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Just want to share my success. It is only through God’s Grace that I have been so successful at my decision to return to school and get my Associate of Science degree. Listening to his quiet voice, I made some life changing decisions. this was one of them. I will graduate, with Honors, in June and start me Bachelor program in Sept. Then head into my Masters program. I am taking a leap into a new field of work and it is with faith I will accomplish this. I have acquired many accolades during my academic season and am grateful to God for all of them. Of course I worked hard for them, but He set my foundation. I am Blessed

Thank you,


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This is a recipe that has been in my family for so many years, by my late Aunt Dora and now her daughter Naomi who shared it with me.


This is what you will need-


  1. 2 -12 and ¾ x 10 and 3/8 inch steam table aluminum pans. ( one of these pans will be uncooked and placed in your freezer to be cooked another time or special occasion )
  2. 7 to 8 large size sweet potato’s
  3. Hand mixer or a large automatic mixer


  1. ½ teaspoon Pumpkin spice
  2. 2 Eggs
  3. 1 can of Sweetened condensed milk
  4. 1½ to 2 cups of White sugar
  5. 1/2 Tablespoons of Ground Cinnamon
  6. 1 Bag of Marshmallows
  7. ½ to 1 teaspoon of Vanilla flavor ( I like the pure vanilla but I have also used the imitation one)
  8. ½ cup of Brown sugar
  9. ½ teaspoon Ground Nutmeg
  10. 1 mixing bowl


  1. -Start by first washing the sweet potato’s
  2. Put all of them in a pot of boiling water, and boil until you can easily stick a knife in all the way into them.
  3.  Once cooked, run cold water over them and cut off each end and peel them and put them in a large mixing bowl.Start mixing all your ingredients, ( not the marshmallows) it doesn’t matter in what order. Mix well but don’t over mix to the point that the potato’s are to runny, they should be a little thickPour equal amounts into both pans, and cover one pan with aluminum foil, and place it into the pre heated 450 to 475 oven. After about an hour, remove the foil and let the top of the sweet potato’s brown a little.
  4.   place the Marshmallows on top, leaving space for them to expand, take out of oven and let it cool down, and sit back and enjoy. Young kids love the sweetness.
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Week of 5-24-2015 Bible study Question



Sole Provider, Sole Comforter


As long as Jesus is one of many options, He is not an option.

As long as you carry your burdens, you don’t need a burden bearer. As long as your situation brings you no grief, you will receive no comfort. And as long as you can take Him or leave Him, you might as well leave Him, because He won’t be taken half-heartedly.

But when you mourn, when you get to the point of sorrow for your sins, when you admit that you have no other option but to cast all your cares on Him, and when there is truly no other name that you can call, then cast all your cares on Him, for He is waiting in the midst of the storm.

Taken from The Applause of Heaven

What do the verses below say about your provider.  Please post your answers at


Philippians 4:19

Matthew 6: 31-34

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Bibles now on sell at

NKJV Giant size print

Enhance your time reading and exploring God’s Word. Experience a whole new level of visual comfort and biblical study with Thomas Nelson’s NKJV Personal Size Giant Print End-of-Verse Reference Bible. This Bible is filled with references and study aids to strengthen your Bible reading. Plus, it features giant print type, making reading more enjoyable than ever. Ideal for individual study, teaching, and ministry work, this trusted edition of the Holy Bible will enhance your time exploring the beauty and meaning of God’s Word.

Features include:

  • End-of-verse references and translation notes
  • Family record sectionKJV
  • Bible book introductions
  • Stars marking messianic prophecies
  • Words of Jesus in red
  • Concordance
  • Full-color maps
  • Type size: 11

Also The NIV- Large size print-

This NIV Holy Bible, Larger Print offers an easy-to-read single-column format that is ideal for Bible studies and anyone who appreciates a larger text. This Bible features the full text of the New International Version.


  • Introductions to each Book of the Bible
  • Limited Old Testament and New Testament maps
  • An extended Table of Contents (Mapping the Story) that helps put the various Biblical Books of the Bible in their historical groupings. Helping the reader see how it all fits together
  • The Drama of the Bible in Six Acts introduction
  • The Drama of the Bible: A Visual Chronology Biblical timeline
  • Living the Script practical application page
  • A Table of Weights and Measures
  • 1280 pages, 5.5” x 8.5” x 1.4”
  • 10 point Bible text, 2 column format
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A love post

This is my lovely daughter Tonya who lives in Virginia. She is receiving an award for the 2015 education support professional of the year for Virginia education association. Her family is so proud of her. God has blessed her in so many ways and she puts her heart and soul into teaching her kids.