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Vicars Vestibule Puzzle

Can you help the Vicar fit all his items back into their resting places?
The frame is the shape of the Shield of the Holy Trinity. There is a Bible, Scroll, Cross, Candle, Fleur de Lis, Angel, Dove, and 10 Commandments tablet that must fit in the frame.
This is not only beautiful to look at and handle, it is also very challenging.  Expect to take an hour to get the pieces back in if you have never seen it solved.
The frame measures 7.5″ x 6.7″ x .55 ” thick.
The pieces are precision cut from 1/4” thick hard maple from Paul Beaton’s farm in Maine.
An original design from Dave Janelle at Creative Crafthouse and made in our Florida shop.

Visit our store and get one HERE

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My new disciples nail cross necklace

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am extremely happy with my purchase from Clint. This is the necklace that I purchased and it is much better than I expected.

The three components of this cross made from nails symbolize different aspects of the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The simulated leather cord represents the leather straps that were used to beat our Lord. The wrapped wire reminds us of the branches of thorns that were twisted into a crown to mock the King of Kings. The nails are symbolic of the large spikes that were used to pierce the hands and feet of our Savior. Let this cross of nails forever be a reminder to you of the great love that Jesus has for us and the suffering that Jesus endured for our salvation.