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Battle Ready Decree

For Father’s day at my church, Grace World Outreach church in Brooksville Florida, each man was given a BATTLE READY DECREE book mark with the information below. This decree can and should apply to males as well as females.



I shall be predictable to God, but unpredictable to the world.

I shall not stop moving forward nor will I be moved by opposition.

My ways are straight, strong and steadfast.

I am not fearful, worried, intimidated, nervous or provoked by the enemy.

God instructs me with wisdom, discernment, foresight, stability, skill, talent, direction,

Authority, energy, intensity, might and power during the battle and away from the battle.

I shall not relent, cave in, ease up, fall short or give up.

My Godly Spirit does not sleep, rest, slumber, relax, letup, lie down, pause, or give up in

the sight of evil.

My eyes shall see, behold, detect, identify, observe, discern, heed, recognize and witness the Power of God.

My ears shall hear, catch, devour, hearken, heed, receive, understand and apprehend the Word of God.

My mouth shall speak, communicate, deliver, declare and make known the Promise and Plan of God.

I will walk, march, advance, and exercise in all the fruits of the Spirit.

I will seek, chase, pursue, desire, hunger, and thirst to work in all the Gifts of the Spirit.

I am a person of Honor, Valor, Respect, Faith and Courage because I am a Decorated Child of God.

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