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Transformation- A Christian Perspective


What is the TRANSFORMATION process of life and death? This is My CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE of what I have read in the BIBLE.


Last Sunday as I was greeting people coming through our church doors, and getting them to smile, one lady looked at me and said I can’t smile. I asked her why and she said that her husband died.


I wasn’t sure what to share with her other than tell her that I was sorry to hear that, and that if she would keep in her mind the good times that she spent with him, and understand that he is now in heaven and rejoicing with Christ Jesus.

I wasn’t sure if her husband was saved or not and I felt it was not the right time to ask her that question.

Experiencing The Heart Of Jesus

Since that Sunday morning, it has been on my mind what else could I have shared with this broken hearted lady.

This morning as I did my Bible study, I was reading about the transformation in a workbook called, Experiencing the heart of Jesus. The chapter that I was studying from was teaching about death and life, and in it, it said, the apostle Paul would like us to change the way we think about the burial process. The graveside service is not a burial, but a planting. The cemetery is not the resting place, but rather the transformation place.

What Does The Bible Say

In John 11:25, Jesus said, “ I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me will have life even if they die.”


The chapter in the workbook went on to say, most assume that death has no purpose. It is to people what the black hole is to space, a mysterious, inexplicable, distasteful, all consuming power. Avoid it at all cost. And we do. We do all we can to live and not die. God, however, says must die in order to live. When you sow a seed, it must die in the ground before it can grow. What we see as the ultimate tragedy, HE sees it as the ultimate triumph. And when a Christian dies, it’s not a time to despair, but a time to trust.


And for a season your soul will be in heaven while your body is in the grave. But the seed buried in the earth will blossom in heaven. Your soul and body will reunite, and you will be like Jesus. A body without corruption, a body without weakness, a body without dishonor, a body identical to the body of Jesus.


Does this body seem closer to death than ever before? It should. It is. And unless Christ comes first, your body will be buried like a seed in the ground.

My question to you is, will your seed wither and die in the ground or blossom?

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