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Promise Rings Verses Purity Rings



There are many different thoughts and actions taken concerning the true meaning of giving or receiving a purity ring or a promise ring.

These thoughts and actions have a lot to do with the meaning of marriage to the person that is getting or receiving these special rings.

A promise ring may be given to a best friend symbolizing a commitment of friendship that will endure forever.

A promise ring has many different meaning to many people. The ring or rings to one couple may be an enduring friendship, but to the next couple its meaning will be a solemn vow of chastity until their marriage day.

There are times that two very good girlfriends will buy promise rings, not to exchange between each other, but as a pledge between each other that they will wait until they find a mate worthy enough to marry and these rings between each of them is an accountability between, or a bond to the commitment.

Whatever the rings may mean between the two people who share the rings, it’s a special relationship that can only strengthen their friendship.

Purity rings also have different meanings. Purity rings for girls is sometimes given from fathers to daughters as a way for the daughters to commit to abstain from any type of sex in anyway, until they are married. It’s a religious symbol, symbolizing their daughters commitment first to God and then to their future husband. It’s a vow of chastity and a first step towards a wedding ring.

A purity ring can also be worn by young adults or adults of any age, just to show others that they are not out there looking to meet up and have a sexual relationship with anyone until marriage.

Think about how please God will be to the person wearing this purity ring, knowing that they have committed their body and soul to HIM first and then to their future mate.


What makes a piece of jewelry a purity ring is the intention with which the wearer wears it; the ring itself can look like almost anything. Musician Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers had his purity ring made at Disney World, while his brother Kevin got his purity ring at Tiffany’s. Even if your purity ring does not have any messages or symbols on it that show other people that it is a purity ring, simply wearing it can be part of your spiritual armor. In an age when so many people get married because they want to be the star of a wedding and not because they want a lifelong commitment, a purity ring can also be a reminder to the wearer that real relationships are not just about jewelry and material things. You don’t have to rush into a relationship just so you can show off your engagement ring, because your ring finger isn’t empty as it is. The purity ring is a reminder to you and to everyone else that you are free to wait for true love and for the lifelong commitment of marriage., has some beautiful promise and purity rings to choose from at great affordable prices. Also many other products.

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