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Purity rings for girls

What is a purity ring? Purity rings are a symbol of chastity and a way for young people to express their promise to God that they will practice abstinence until marriage. When society puts pressure on teenagers and even pre-teenagers to behave in an increasingly sexualized way and the media encourages young men to be players and young women to be video vixens, with all the jewelry that those media images entail, purity rings for girls are a way for young people to show that faith and chastity are beautiful.


Most purity rings are simply rings made of silver or stainless steel, although purity rings made of gold also exist. The rings first became popular in the 1990s, a time when more than half of the teenagers in the United States lost their virginity before graduating from high school. Purity rings for girls originated as a visible expression of chastity among Christian teens. In the 1990s, there was so much peer pressure for teenagers to become sexually active; purity rings acted as a way to stop the conversation about premarital sex before it even started.


The purity rings for girls on our site, are engraved with messages that express the wearer’s commitment to remain pure until marriage. Some of them have Bible verses, and others say, “I will wait for my beloved.” Our site offers purity rings for both men and women. Purity ring wearers usually wear the rings on the wedding ring finger, since chastity is as much of a commitment as marriage. Some churches even hold ceremonies in which purity ring wearers publicly announce their commitment to abstain from sex until marriage, and sometimes clergy even bless the rings. Celebrities who wear purity rings include singer Teyana Taylor and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks. Singer and reality TV actress Jessica Simpson wore a purity ring from the time she was in middle school until she married her first husband Nick Lachey. has many to choose from.



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