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What is your purpose in Life? Do anyone of us know what that may be? When it is time for each of us to leave the world as we know it, what legacy will we leave behind for our children and love ones? What do you think people will say about you or what do you think they will miss about you or will they miss you at all? How we live our lives will determine the answers to these questions.

I have given this a lot of thought about my own life, and I have come to the conclusion that I think that God has placed me here to be helpful to others and not to be a selfish person. The legacy that I hope to leave behind is to follow my example in not putting themselves first as a selfish person would do. But we must also understand for those who dedicate their life to helping others, they must realize there will be people including family members that will sometimes take them for granted and sometimes even use them to their own advantage, but never the less, the calling that we have inside of us will not allow us to change who we are to become someone who we don’t even like.

If you have young children, are you teaching them to respect others as well as respecting their own bodies and their future mates by waiting to have sex until they are married. Also teaching them there will be those who will try to degrade them, embarrass them and do what ever they can to break their spirit. We as parents must teach our children to remain pure, and to not make the same mistakes that some of us as made.

I have made many mistakes in my life and if I had the chance to relive it, I would have done things so much different and that is why I felt it so important to write this article about what legacy will we leave behind, whether you are a Christian or not.

If your parents are still alive or no longer living, what do you remember the most about them, what legacy did they leave for you?

One day someone will ask your children or love ones, what legacy did you leave behind for them and what do they remember the most about your life with them?

As we grow older and hopefully wiser and take the time to look back at the life we have lived so far, what if anything would you have done different?

We can’t go back, but we can make a difference now, yes right now in what we can do today. Let’s live our lives as if Jesus was sitting next to us. Let’s take the time to help others, and too develop the minds of our youth’s, because they are the future. Look around and look where we are headed. Everyone is doing their own thing, doing what feels right for them at the moment, not thinking about who they may be hurting, thinking about me, me, me. Its time we turn all that around.

As I woke up this morning from a dream, the only thing that I remembered from the dream was something that I kept saying over and over, “ My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and His righteousness.”

So getting back to the question, what legacy will you leave behind, Take five minutes and stop whatever you are doing and just think about the question, and be honest with

your answer. Will your legacy last for an eternity or will it be just a fleeing thought?


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