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The Best of Times, The Worse of Times

Each life is beautiful and for a purpose that no one knows at the beginning but as and when we go through life, we grow through life as well because we are tested each time we try to take a step ahead. This is the basic phenomenon of nature or in other words, this is how God tests the righteousness of a person. Each religion calls this statement in a different way but the underlying meaning remains same which is simple and yet hard to explain.

Each life is to experience different phenomena during its course and it depends upon that particular individual if he/she wants to treat it as the testing times or the good times. Good times are a relative term. For example, Nina had two apples, and for some reason she had to let go one apple and she is left with just one. Now Nina is sad and feels that she is going through her bad times. However, she doesn’t realise that she could have been in a situation where she would not even had one and she would have been required to struggle for that one apple and when she would have achieved that, she would have been overwhelmed because at that time the testing times would have been the times of struggle when she was trying to get that one apple and the result of those testing times was that fruit. This applies to almost all the situations in our lives.

There is nothing called a good life or a bad life. When God creates His beings, he sets a course for each one of them and each entity has to go through different phases in life, some can be termed as good and others can be termed as bad depending upon the impact they create in our lives. Generally, the events that we want to happen in our lives are termed as good and the ones that we do not want are classified as bad but what we fail to realise is that God is the superpower. He is omnipresent and knows everything. We are mere human beings and at times do not understand the relevance of good or bad in our lives but God can never be unkind to any of His children. He will definitely test you to see if you deserve that particular thing but would never deprive you of what you deserve.


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