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I woke up this morning from a dream, and I couldn’t go back to sleep as much as I wanted to, but this dream was different because there was no people in it, just thoughts, lots of thoughts. I don’t know the meaning of the dream or if it has a meaning. These were the thoughts-

Now- why now- maybe- could I- I don’t know- just a dream- I tried- what if- but- see I told you- can I- maybe tomorrow- see- there you go again- but you said- I’ll wait- I came close- what would they think- I almost- will they laugh- just a thought- I’m tired- maybe just maybe- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me- if not me then who- excuses- see I told you- its tough- how can I- why can’t I – why me.

Is there something that you or I are suppose to do that we keep putting off, a dream or vision that has been on hold for a long time? Are we afraid to step out in faith and take a chance? Maybe we tried before and it ( what ever the it was) didn’t work that time.

I remember a life lesson I heard my pastor say one Sunday morning, “VISION AND DREAMS DO NOT EASILY COME TO FRUITION THE FIRST TIME.” Was this a dream or a wake up call?

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