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Is Grace Enough


This weeks Bible study


I often think why some people think that because they are good people, then why does God allow bad things to happen to them, or why doesn’t God just do this or do that according, not to God’s will but to their own will. This is what Max Lucado summarize in Experiencing the Heart of Jesus.

You wonder why God doesn’t remove temptation from your life? If He did might you lean on your strength instead of His grace. A very stumbles might be what you need to convince you that His grace is sufficient for your sin.

You wonder why God doesn’t remove the enemies in your life? Perhaps because He wants you to love like He does. Anyone can love a friend, but only a few can love an enemy.

You wonder why God doesn’t alter your personality? Maybe you are a little rough around the edges. Say things you later regret or do things you later question? (I know that I did and still do). Why doesn’t God make you more like Him? He does, He’s just not finish with you yet. Until He is, His grace is sufficient to overcome your flaws.

You wonder why God doesn’t heal you? He has healed you. If you are in Christ, you have a perfected soul and a perfected body. His plan is to give you the soul now and the body when you get to your permanent heavenly home.

Perhaps we’ll never say“ Jesus is all I need,” until He is all we have. At that moment, He will prove to be all we need and more.

We need to understand that it’s not by our own ability that we get through our trials but its to have faith in Jesus Christ and knowing that His grace is sufficient and is all we need.

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