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Hiring good quality workers

Hiring good quality workers


Has anyone had a problem trying to hire good quality affordable workers to do work in your home?

Recently I had to replace carpet in three of the four bedrooms in my home with tiles.


I first got one of my son’s friends who is very good painting and doing odd and end jobs including installing tile. This young man takes pride in every job that he does, but he also takes a long time to complete the jobs.


I hired this guy because I know the work that he has done for others, and he gave me a great price. Well he completed two of the three rooms, but he disappeared before he started the last room and I waited for a couple of weeks for him, but never heard anymore from him, so now I had to find someone to complete the last bedroom.


I called several people that do tile work. Some said they would stop by and give me an estimate, but never stop by to give it. One stopped by with his partner and gave me an estimate three times the amount of the first young man.


Then I had the brother of my son in law that came and gave me his estimate which was a little high, but after we talked we agreed to an amount. We had an agreement that he would come by the next morning, he called to say he couldn’t come that day but he would come the following morning, he never showed up and never called back.


All I ask is if your hired to do a job, please show up and do your very best. So after three weeks, I decided to do the tile work myself.

I have never installed tile before, but after checking youtube I went to work. I had to buy a tile saw and other tools. Installing tile is not recommended for someone that has bad knees and a bad back, which I have both, but never the less I did the work and it came out great.


What ever happened to dedicated workers who take pride in their work and honor in their words.

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