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My Testimonials

I have a couple of Testimonies I would like to share with you. Many years ago there was a time that I was depressed because I had bills that were due that amounted to $1500.00 and at that time I only had $1000.00. I prayed and asked God how am I going to pay these bills with what I have, and I cried out to Him for help. At the end of that month, all my bills were paid and I had $100.00 left over. God is good.
Another time recently while my wife and I were away at her mother’s funeral, someone living in my home stole two of my rings and pawn them. I received a call from the police department that they had arrested this person. When I returned home, for three days I sat by myself and I was so angry, because I felt how could someone that I tried to help steal my precious rings that I worked so hard to earn, and all of a sudden, something came over me and I thought, wait a minute, If I was getting so upset with the person who stole my precious rings, maybe I was worshipping the rings more than the forgiveness of the person who took them. At that very moment, there was such a calm that came over me that to this day is hard to explain. At that moment I forgave that person and prayed for that person and I asked God to forgive me for worshipping a man made idle, and at that very moment such a great peace came over me. There were tears of joys of the burden that was just lifted.

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